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Andy Clifford has lived and worked in NZ for the past 10 years, with plenty of opportunity for backcountry exploration during this period. His wilderness experience includes childhood to student years spent hiking and climbing throughout the UK and Europe, 5 consecutive summer field seasons working as a geologist in Antarctica, extended back-packing and climbing trips in the USA, guiding for and managing a NZ wilderness walks business (Southern Wilderness NZ), and, since August 2011, working as a hiking instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS: www.nols.edu) in NZ and Wyoming.

Christian Martin moved to NZ in 2004 from his home Australia where he spent a large portion of his childhood bushwalking and fishing in the mountains of the south-east. He has completed extended personal backcountry expeditions in the Canadian Rockies (solo), Tasmania, Scotland (solo), Utah canyon country, and Norway. From 2004-2009 he was living, working and expeditioning through the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Christian has led trips for the Australian National University Bushwalking club and has been a NOLS hiking and mountaineering instructor since 2009. Christian is also a land manager and has worked extensively in the New Zealand environmental management field.

Alice Hill is a NOLS hiking, river and mountaineering instructor who has instructed extensively at NOLS’ high latitude locations from Norway and Alaska to New Zealand and Patagonia.  She comes from an outdoor background in commercial guiding on rivers and mountains in South and Central America, Tasmania and the Western USA.  Alice also cameos as a water resource engineer and river advocate.  She has lived in New Zealand for extended periods (2004-2008, and seasonally thereafter) so she is all too familiar with the “4 seasons in 1 day” climate.

Rachel Hill spent two years as a whitewater guide in California, prompting her to travel and work in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua in the winters. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso she lived in a rural Sahel village, coaching the first ever village girls running team and attempting bike journeys such as connecting the northern-most town in Burkina Faso to the capital of Niger – a multi-week journey through the sand that ended with a hitchhike on a dump truck. She has since become a landscape architect, working on projects in Ethiopia, Yosemite National Park, Croatia, Switzerland, and now Portland, Oregon.

Fun 42 Fact
In radio "ten-code" 10-42 means "Ending Tour of Duty" - or off duty!
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