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Project 42ude was carried out by a crew who are used to spending more nights in a sleeping bag than in a bed each year. We are indebted to friends, family, employers and acquaintances for their support of our constant adventuring and somewhat vagabond lifestyle. The companies and institutions listed below have helped us immensely with our preparations for Project 42ude, supplying donated products, advice and financial/logistical help. A huge thanks also to the land-owners and farmers who made this dream possible through granting us permission to cross their properties, including Molesworth, Muller, Middlehurst, Gladstone and Bluff stations, Tony & Glenys Elliott (West Bank Maruia Rd) and Hamish Roundhill & Rebecca Inwood (Landing Creek). We encourage 42ude followers to support and respect these people and their land, and be grateful for all that “life, the universe and everything” provides us!

NOLS – National Outdoor Leadership School – “The Leaders in Wilderness Education”: life-changing, expedition-based educational trips led by great instructors (maybe we’re biased…). We are grateful recipients of NOLS Instructor Development Fund financial support and also thank all those NOLS staff who helped out along the way.

C4 Coffee – Christchurch-based coffee experts – local specialist roasters and suppliers of all things coffee. C4 supplied the java to carry us from coast to coast.

Bogg’s Trail Butter – All natural nut-butter for outdoor nutters like us – live and direct from the USA! Bogg’s provided us with some of their highly addictive, easy-to-carry pouches of ecstasy which kept the energy and morale levels high.

DoC – Department of Conservation – the government department responsible for over 1/3 of NZ’s land area. We appreciate their useful website services, helpful visitor-centre and field staff and their endless maintenance of a huge network of tracks and huts throughout the NZ backcountry.

Icebreaker – leaders of the merino wool outdoor gear movement since 1994. Icebreaker kindly agreed to outfit us with undergarments from head to toe so that we stayed warm and (relatively) unstinky for the duration of our traverse!

Fun 42 Fact
In radio "ten-code" 10-42 means "Ending Tour of Duty" - or off duty!
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